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Anelli, bracciali e collier per modern dandy che reinterpretano senza compromessi elementi dell’estetica rock, iconografie derivate dai più diversi orientamenti religiosi e da tradizioni popolari esotiche, come quella balcanica e tzigana. Borse che si rifanno ai modelli iconici di un tempo, come la quella da diligenza, del medico condotto o il modello a baule, ma vengono confezionate con materiali originalissimi. Creazioni dal carattere marcato: inconsuete, vistose eppure très chic.
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Cookies policy

This site uses cookies to guarantee an excellent browsing experience to all of its users and to gather information regarding the use of the site itself. We use cookies, including those of third parties, to send personalised promotional messages. To find out more, see a list of the cookies used by the site and, if you wish, to disable those cookies, please read our privacy policy. Clicking “Accept”, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.



The Site uses “cookies” and similar technologies. Cookies are small text files which are downloaded by the browser to the navigation software used by the User when he/she visits an internet site. The cookies are then successively retransmitted during the navigation session (“temporary cookies”) or on every successive visit made by the User (“permanent cookies”) to the site they came from or to any other site capable of recognising that specific cookie. This allows the site to recognise the navigation device of the individual user.


What they do

They are used by site managers to, amongst other things, remember the User’s log-in data and then automatically recognise them (thus removing the need to retype username and password every time), to manage services such as home banking and online shopping, to personalise a website, to make navigation easier for the user, and, by checking the number of times the various web pages are accessed, present the information most frequently requested by the User more effectively.

Sometimes cookies can come from third parties who are different from the manager of the site visited by the User (“third party cookies”). These cookies may or may not contain personal information about the user.


The main types:

Cooks can generally be divided into 2 main categories:

Technical cookies, which include:

(1)navigation or session cookies: these are essential to allowing the User to navigate the site and use its services. It would be impossible, in fact, to provide the services requested by the User without them. Examples are cookies designed to make home banking transactions secure, for instance,  or cookies that save purchases in online shopping as well as those that facilitate the downloading of webpages visited;

(2)  Performance/analytical cookies:  these gather information relating to the pages most often visited by Users, and error or malfunction messages relating, for example, to  incorrect displaying of web pages; they don’t collect personal information regarding individual Users, simply aggregate information useful to improving the functioning of the site;


(3)Cookies functional to the usability of the Site and services (“functionality cookies”): these allow the site to remember certain information chosen by the User or referable to him/her (for example, user name, pre-selected language, nationality, preferences) to improve the navigation experience; they can also allow the recording of choices made regarding the layout of pages visited or facilitate the provision of services requested by the User (for instance,  by saving the geographical area the User comes from and automatically linking the services requested to it). They gather personal data which normally remain anonymous;

Profiling cookies, which include:

(1)   Targeting or marketing cookies: these remember the browsing patterns of the User with the aim of providing the latter with advertising messages that correspond to his/her interests and preferences or to avoid resending the same advertising message as well as to measure the efficacy of advertising campaigns through statistical analysis of data;


(2)  Third party targeting or marketing cookies: these are used in certain cases by advertising operators with the consent of the site manager and can supply not just the manager of the site but also third-party advertisers with information on the User’s navigation habits.



Purposes of processing

The Site uses cookies belonging to the following categories for the purposes indicated:


Technical cookies:

1 – navigation or session cookies to allow web pages be downloaded, to allow the products added to shopping carts to be saved;

2 – performance or analytical cookies to improve the functioning of the site;

3 – functionality (‘usability’) cookies which remember the User’s country of original, selected language and list of favourite cars.


Google Analytics Cookie Types


This cookie is used to determine new and returning visitors.  It has an expiration time of 2 years.  If the ga.js library is executed and no _utma cookie exists, this will be recorded as the users’ first visit and a _utma cookie will be set.  If a _utma cookie is already in place, the expiration time is reset and the user is recorded as a return visitor.


This cookie is used to determine a new session.  The cookie is set when the ga.js library executes and there is no _utmb cookie in place.  It has an expiration time of 30 minutes, therefore if a user is inactive for a period longer than this, a new cookie will be set when the library executes and the interaction will be recorded as a new session.


This cookie is used to determine the traffic source, medium, campaign name and campaign term which delivered the user to your website.  It is created when the javascript library executes and expires after 6 months.  This helps Google collect the data which can then help them to determine which traffic sources assist conversions within the multi-channel section of Analytics.


Not used in ga.js. Set for interoperability with urchin.js. Historically, this cookie operated in conjunction with the __utmb cookie to determine whether the user was in a new session/visit.


Consent to use cookies

Consent to sending cookies is required only for profiling cookies.

Aside from the possibility of blocking cookies through browser settings, Users can also give consent to the use of profiling cookies and also revoke that consent at any time.

Users consent to receiving profiling cookies by giving their explicit consent via the banners displayed on accessing the Site or implicitly by continuing to navigate the Site.

Nonetheless, the User can at any time choose which profiling cookies to authorise by separately giving their consent via this link.

Provision of data and processing methods, browser configuration and deleting cookies

The data gathered using cookies is processed electronically.

Use of cookies is voluntary

Even though most of the browsers currently being used automatically accept cookies, the User has the option to configure his/her browser to block the downloading of cookies at any time and also to delete already-downloaded cookies from their navigation device.

For an illustration of the procedure used to block any cookie for the main browsers, follow these links:





Nonetheless, blocking cookies can slow down your browsing or prevent you accessing certain sections of the site. Deleting cookies already received will result in the deletion of the favourites saved and managed by those cookies.

Public authorities

Personal data may also be communicated to the public security authorities at their request and in compliance with current legislation.

Statistical data

Statistical data on the site, on the database, on sales, on user volumes can all be transmitted to third parties for the execution of technical controls and implementations. However, such information will not contain any identifiable personal data.

Transfer of data to non-EU countries

The user’s personal data may be transferred abroad in compliance with existing legislation. This includes to non-EU countries that guarantee adequate levels of protection, and in which the Company is pursuing its own interests.


The user’s personal data gathered using cookies will not be disseminated.

The rights of the interested party

Interested parties can exercise the rights outlined in Article 7 Legal Decree no. 196/2004 which can be consulted by following link:

Consent to using cookies

Consent to sending cookies is required only for profiling cookies.

Aside from the possibility of blocking cookies through browser settings, users can also give their consent to the use of profiling cookies and also revoke that consent at any time.

Users consent to receiving profiling cookies by giving their explicit consent via the banners displayed when they access the site or implicitly by continuing to navigate the site.